I’m passionate about healing, getting present, and learning how to let life love me.

My mission is to share the practices, tools, people, and experiences that I come across on my awakening trip through life in creative and accessible ways with you.

I believe in generosity, vulnerability, and synchronicity.

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For the past bunch of years I’ve been learning how to take care of myself, how to heal, and how to stay embodied on planet earth.

Through it all I’ve been making art and hiding that art and now I’ve published 80+ images of that art in a book.

Apparently, the next thing that happens is sharing some of that art with you! Order your limited edition copy now.


Through the ups and downs of my life — the dark nights of my soul and the high vibe trippy days in the light — I’ve made art. I’m so happy to share some of those creations with you now.

One of the most important prayers on my healing journey has been, “I am willing to change.” If that invitation resonates with you, get my brand new digital wallpaper for your phone, tablet, and computer — it’s free!

Coming Out As Spiritual

If you told 15-year-old me that I’d be coming out as spiritual today, I’d LOL in your face. But here I am: a spiritual, woo woo, witchy, spirit junkie.

Acronyms For God + The Anagram D-O-G

God. It’s a loaded word, eh? I really wanted a relationship with a higher power so I was willing to have some flexibility. Thus, acronyms for God appeared.


Yes, it’s completely normal for this practice to feel funny at first. You might laugh. You might cry. You might hide. You might feel great. You might start to believe what you are saying.

Experiment intuitively with the illustrated affirmations in my free eBook in any way that feels correct to you.